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Statewide Campaigns

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He was also a professional wrestler. They settled in Los Angeles, where Carnera opened a restaurant and a liquor store. They had two children, Umberto and Giovanna Maria. Umberto became a medical doctor. In the U. Past downtown, the business route heads through the northeastern part of the city on North Market Street before continuing through suburban Brandywine Hundred on Philadelphia Pike. The Philadelphia Pike was built in the s and improved to a state highway by It is the county seat of New Castle County and one of the major cities in the Delaware Valley metropolitan area.

As of the United States Census estimate, the city's population is 70, The highway serves as a six-lane bypass of I around the city of Wilmington.

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I begins at an interchange with I and I near Newport to the southwest of Wilmington. From here, the road heads east to the Port of Wilmington, where it turns northeast and crosses the Christina River as it heads to the east of downtown Wilmington. Plans for a bypass of Wilmington to the east date back to and was incorporated into the Interstate Highway System in This interstate bypass was numbered I in the s.

Construction on building I took place during the course of the s, with the entire length of the. In the s, most of the route was widened into a four-lane road. In the state of Delaware, the route runs for I is the only primary 2-digit Interstate highway that enters Delaware, although it also has two auxiliary routes within the state I and I Kennedy Memorial Highway, a toll road with a toll plaza near the state line. I heads north through the heart of Wilmington concurrent with U. Past Wilmington, I-.

Railroad electrification in the United States began at the turn of the 20th century and comprised many different systems in many different geographical areas, few of which were connected. Despite this situation, these systems shared a small number of common reasons for electrification. One exception is the Black Mesa and Lake Powell Railroad, an isolated system hauling coal from a mine to a power plant.

Most mass transit, streetcar and interurban systems electrified very early—many from the beginning—but are not within the scope of this article. Impetus for electrification The common reasons for electrification in the United States include: Laws banning steam locomotives smoke abatement A number of municipalities passed laws in the early part of the 20th century forbidding steam locomotives from operati. The river looking north above Walpack Bend, where it leaves the historic Minisink region, a buried valley eroded from Marcellus Shale bedrock.

There are tributary streams and creeks—an estimated 14, miles of streams and creeks—in the watershed. A swing bridge is a movable bridge that has as its primary structural support a vertical locating pin and support ring, usually at or near to its center of gravity, about which the turning span can then pivot horizontally as shown in the animated illustration to the right. Small swing bridges as found over canals may be pivoted only at one end, opening as would a gate, but require substantial underground structure to support the pivot.

In its closed position, a swing bridge carrying a road or railway over a river or canal, for example, allows traffic to cross. When a water vessel needs to pass the bridge, road traffic is stopped usually by traffic signals and barriers , and then motors rotate the bridge horizontally about its pivot point. The typical swing bridge will rotate approximately 90 degrees, or one-quarter turn; however, a bridge which intersects the navigation channel at an oblique angle may be built to rotate only 45 degrees, or one-eighth turn, in order to clear the channel.

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A Delaware Album, 1900–1930

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