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After the tragic suicide of her oldest brother she takes on the responsibility of whats left of her family but through it all she perseveres.

Yasmin Peace

As she sheds her tomboy exterior and finds her faith she blossoms into the young lady God is shaping her to become. Join Yasmin Peace on her journey through this series that will encourage character growth and development. In this second book of the Yasmin Peace series, family tensions and school unrest soar to a fever pitch. A school counselor starts a club for eighth-grade girls, The LIGHT club, which deals with major issues: gangs, depression, teen suicide, self-esteem, etc. Yasmin discovers that there is hope on the other side of every obstacle - if she holds on to her faith.

Yasmin is graduating from the eighth grade and headed to high school. With the help of the LIGHT club, she ends the school year on a positive note, as she learns about self-esteem and true joy. Actually, Myrek hadn't been playing with York and Yancy as much either.

He was a great basketball player like Jeff and the two of them had been on the court most of the summer. I knew he would miss my brother as much as we would.


He continued, "I really don't know what to say. But my dad says that you don't always have to find words to say when something bad happens.

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Sometimes you can help people by just being with them. For the next thirty minutes we didn't say a thing. We were content just sitting in silence, occasionally looking at the sky. I used to not care that on the first day of school I didn't have the latest clothes or sport the freshest hairdo.

Going to school was all about learning, not trying to be fashionable. But as an eighth grader, somehow things had changed. Somewhere along the summer the things that once didn't matter now did. Besides, with all that I had going on, it didn't seem right that I was focusing on material things. We didn't even have money to bury my brother.

My mom had reminded Yancy, York, and me about that over and over again. Getting new school clothes was totally out of the question. Actually, it was cool for boys to wear stuff a little roughed up, but when I looked around and saw all the girls looking fly, I hated me. My jeans that were purchased in the sixth grade and the hand-me-down tennis shoes that my brothers used to sport were a mess.

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Also, the braids I got before school let out last May were still in my head. I didn't look cute and I didn't feel cute; in fact, everybody that looked at me with their disapproving expressions let me know that I was not cute. Both of them just laughed. I always found females to be so fake and phony. So hanging with my brothers and Myrek was enough for me. We always said what we felt and moved on after releasing any tension. We never held grudges and were just there for one another.

Perlicia and Asia had fallen out of their friendship so many times that I didn't have enough fingers to count them. A part of me wanted to turn around and slap them in their faces. But, what good would that do for me ending up in trouble on the first day of school? Both of them needed to go study somewhere. They were enrolled in remedial English. Not that there was anything wrong with that. Myrek and York were going to be in the same class.

However, why laugh at somebody when you have shortcomings too? I hated that people could be so cruel.

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Why did they have to add insult to injury and make me the laughingstock of our hall? It went from one group of girls whispering about me to another one getting started. Though I never stared anyone in the face, I could feel them staring at me.

Their laughter was getting on my nerves too. All of the talk just wore me down. As tough as I had always been, standing up to anyone who ever confronted me, at that moment I just couldn't take it. I dashed off to the closest girls' bath-room I could find, went into an empty stall, locked the door, and bawled.

I prayed, I hate my life. You're supposed to be up there protecting me, making everything better. Why is it so hard"? I look a mess. I feel a mess. I don't have any friends. I can't talk to my mom; she's still grieving. Can't You help me out? I could have crawled under a rock and stayed there forever. With everything going on the last couple of days I hadn't been keeping up with my cycle. Plus, this was only the fifth month.


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It was still new to me. Even though I had on old jeans, they were a light color. Unfortunately, as soon as I checked my pants I knew they were ruined. And the first bell had just rung. I was late for class. Didn't You just hear me, God? I need You to help, not make it worse. What am I supposed to do now? This must've been what Big Mama meant when she said God will direct your thoughts if you pray and ask Him.

Just then, I thought about the school guidance counselor, Mrs. York and Yancy always talked about how cute she was. I remembered last year when I saw her in the hall she told me if I ever needed anything that I could come to her office. Back then I felt like I didn't have any major problems that I couldn't handle, so I never took her up on it.

Now it was a different story. After making a bootleg pad, which my mom had taught me to do in case of an emergency, I washed up and then checked the hallway. Thankfully, I was wearing one of my brother's shirts and I took it out of my pants and pulled it all the way down. I twisted my book bag toward my back so that it covered my bottom and practically sprinted to Mrs.

Enjoying True Peace (Yasmin Peace, #5) by Stephanie Perry Moore

Newman's office. When she saw me, she quickly came from behind her desk and said, "Come in, come in. You're Yasmin Peace, right? I planned to send a note to your homeroom teacher today requesting that you stop in to see me.